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Application Deadline - January 31, 2020 

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Two-day session that provides you with the proper techniques for inspecting CNG fuel systems, including on-board CNG fuel storage cylinders. In addition, this course helps prepare students to take the NGVi CNG Fuel System Inspector Certification Exam, if desired. NGVi conducts its CNG Fuel System Inspector Certification program independently from its training program.

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About CNG Fuel System 
Inspector Training 

  • Must be a CNG fleet or dealership manager or supervisor responsible for determining the training needs of their technicians

  • Must submit their application no later than January 31, 2020.

Note: Vehicle Technicians, trainers, field trainers and instructors are NOT eligible for this offer.

Eligibility Requirements 

Note: The CNG Fuel System Inspector Certification Exam can be purchased at an additional cost. Travel costs are not included in this offer. Scholarships will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis to applicants who meet the eligibility requirements.

Applicants awarded the scholarship will be notified by email within 10 days of the application deadline


Each scholarship includes free admission to one CNG Fuel System Inspector Training class of your choice (up to $1,710 value).